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Sexy blonde Angela Prive spreading leggsget a moment to know me. I am Angela, a naughty east European girl living in sunny Spain. The weather is most of the year great and in my town there are a lot of tourists the whole year round, for the sunny beaches, the many parties and for the pretty girls…

Nudity and sex is all around her, it is exactly my kind of place. I am a little of an exhibitionist, and there are lots of beautiful sightings… I enjoy being naked in nature, at the beach, even at home I spend most of my time doing things completely undressed, to my neighbors delight. 

Many of my photo shoots are taken outside. I do lots of things, from flashing my tits and pussy, to masturbating with huge vibrators. Nevertheless I only recently started my page, I already have 1000’s of pictures and a very fast video collection, and so many ideas for things still to do.  






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People often tell me that my face has some oriental features, others may say that I look very Slavic. As i am Gemini, this describes me a little, I am very from both sides, I can be playful and soft as a kitten, charming and fun to be with as your best friend, sexy and naughty as an amazon that has been without men for three years.

Whenever I can I go to a quiet beach where I can sunbath naked without being stared at, but on the other hand I sometimes look for a busy one and play with the minds of the guys over there.

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This is a real amateur site, no agencies or other professionals here. I still have a lot to learn, and need to upgrade certain things, I will not discuss that. Nevertheless I am already proud about what I achieved until now, with the knowledge and means I have now, the result is already quit satisfying. But there's still a big way for improvements. I receive many nice words and compliments and that reassures me that I need to follow the pad I have taken... Very sexy, all natural homemade naughtiness.




See me do all kind of stuff on video. I like to dance, I have lots of toys, and a few friends are willing to join me.


There is all kind of crazyness, with a lot of outside videos of me stripping, masturbating and me with toys. You will see my private life as I will be showing lots of clips of me at home... See me convert the most daily chores into very sensual eyes pleasure.