People often tell me that my face has some oriental features, others may say that I look very Slavic. As i am Gemini, this describes me a little, I am very from both sides, I can be playful and soft as a kitten, charming and fun to be with as your best friend, sexy and naughty as an amazon that has been without men for three years.

Whenever I can I go to a quiet beach where I can sunbath naked without being stared at, but on the other hand I sometimes look for a busy one and play with the minds of the guys over there.




But I can be hard and cruel too. When I am good, I am very good, when I am bad, I am better. You will be able to see both parts of me. I am probably Cossack, hihi.

I like to be watched, to be seduced and to seduce, to voyage around and see cities and nature. I love to meet new people and I am a very open-minded girl. Live taught me that you can achieve everything, as long as your goal is reachable and that you put all the effort into it. My goal is to have you spend a good time with me, enjoy me pictures and my videos, get to know me personal through my blog.

Music plays a big role in my live. I like to go out and to dance a lot. And even at home I do a lot of things will listening or dancing to music sometimes put some music on my videos produced by a friend of mine. It just to cover the noise of the street and the sea.

You can find me often on a sunny patio of a bar, with a glass of cooled white wine, eating some local tapas. Live is like the weather here, sunny. Afterwards, while being in a relaxed mood, like most girls, I like to do some shopping.

At night, my hometown changes completely from being a nice and pleasant place to be during the day into a festival of light and music and booze and almost naked people dancing everywhere. Both I like. During the day I can wear some sexy bikinis and dresses, at night I dress to kill, with a defiantly short skirt or short and a provocative top. No underwear, it is to warm and I prefer not wearing any lingerie on the street, that's for home.

I like to have fun and I take joy from doing the little things. I am very greedy when it comes to pleasure. Especially in bed. An orgasm is simple a great feeling. It fills me with all kind of warm sensations. So I come a lot. And lately even more, knowing that I have those eyes witnessing.






Some facts about me

 Age:  28 years
 Height:  1'6,9" - 170 cm 
 Weight:  54 kg
Cup size:  b
Measurements:  91-59-92
Pussy:  shaved
Hair:   Blonde
Eyes:   Brown
Smoking:   sometimes 
Drugs:   some weed once in a while 
Turn ons:   well cared strong people, being watched, getting a nice massage 
Torn offs   bad manners, smelly feet, bad breath
Pets:   Two pussycats

 Shopping, travel,  sunbathing, sex, sleeping